Last fall, we conducted surveys of current transit riders and members of the community at-large. If you completed a survey, thank you!  We randomly selected winners of VISA gift cards from among those who completed surveys.  All winners have been notified via the contact information they provided. Congratulations to:

  • The Bus customer survey winners: Allen, Craig, John, and Leon
  • CATC Dial-A-Ride customer survey winners:  Pat, Robert, and Joe
  • Community survey winners: Oksana, Cheryll.
  • Stakeholder survey winner: First Christian Church

A summary of findings from each of the surveys is provided below.

The Bus Customer Survey – Key Findings

  • The Blue Route was the most popular, representing 45% of responses.
  • Transfers were used by 41% of riders.
  • Tokens were the most popular method of payment (48%).
  • Work (35%) and Shopping (31%) were the most common trip purposes.
  • The majority of riders have either ridden The Bus for five or more years (32%) or for less than six months (26%).
  • More than half of riders (59%) ride The Bus three days per week or more.
  • Walking is the most likely alternative to riding The Bus for 55% of riders, but another 22% said they would not make the trip.
  • The Bus riders expressed a desire for later/longer weekday service hours and more frequent service.  66% said they would ride more often if their desired improvement were introduced.
  • 86% of survey respondents said they did not have regular access to a personal vehicle.
  • 63% reported an annual household income of $25,000 or less.

Community/Household Survey – Preliminary Findings (as of December 2, 2020)

  • 36% said they had ridden transit in Casper within the past year.
  • 77% of transit rider respondents said they had no access to a car.
  • Among those who do not ride transit, half said it was because they preferred to drive their own car.
  • 91% of respondents are aware of transit options in Casper, but 61% have never ridden.
  • 91% of respondents noted transit provides a valuable service to the community and supports the local economy.

CATC Dial-A-Ride Customer Survey – Key Findings

  • 68% of respondents ride two times per week or less.
  • Healthcare/medical trips (58%) are the most common trip types.
  • Respondents cited using a ticket (42%) or cash (32%) to pay for their trip.
  • 56% of respondents ride CATC because they don’t drive or no longer drive.
  • 92% of surveyed riders indicated using CATC for trips within Casper.
  • 98% of surveyed riders indicated living in Casper.

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